The title was retained by another English club, Liverpool, in 1973, who defeated Borussia Mönchengladbach in the final. A five-star fight for European glory! Great Arsenal Europa League goals 00:52 21/08/2020 Live Highlights: Sevilla 3-2 Inter. Juventus won the competition for a third time in 1993 and Internazionale kept the cup in Italy the following year. Inter have drawn Bulgarian club PFC Ludogorets 1945 in this afternoon’s round of 32 Europa League draw. Liverpool won the competition for the second time in 1976 after defeating Club Brugge in the final. By chance, it was the last UEFA Cup/Europa League final appearance for any Italian club until Internazionale reached the 2020 final. Both sides arguably soon surpassed the teams they lost the Europa League to. Ricevi ultime notizie, video e statistiche della UEFA Europa League, lasciati il giovedì sera libero per la nostra copertura in diretta. A new anthem was composed by Michael Kadelbach and recorded in Berlin and was launched as part of the competition's rebranding at the start of the 2015–16 season. Because a maximum of five teams from one association can enter the UEFA Champions League, if both the Champions League title holders and the Europa League title holders are from the same top three ranked association and finish outside the top four of their domestic league, the fourth-placed team of their association will be moved to the Europa League and enter the group stage, which means changes to the access list of the Europa League may also need to be made. Dall'altra si prepara a tornare in campo in Europa League. The theme for the re-branded UEFA Cup competition was first officially unveiled at the Grimaldi Forum on 28 August 2009 before the 2009–10 season group stage draw. 2019–20 UEFA Europa League From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 2019–20 UEFA Europa League was the 49th season of Europe's secondary club football tournament organised by UEFA, and the 11th season since it was renamed from the UEFA Cup to the UEFA Europa League. [5] For the 2004–05 competition a group stage was added prior to the knockout phase. Just one year later, in 2015, Sevilla won their fourth UEFA Cup/Europa League and, in an unprecedented feat, they defended their title a third year in a row beating Liverpool FC in the 2016 final, making them the most successful team in the history of the competition with five titles. Before the 2004–05 season, the tournament consisted of one qualifying round, followed by a series of knockout rounds. The 2009 re-branding included a merge with the UEFA Intertoto Cup, producing an enlarged competition format, with an expanded group stage and a change in qualifying criteria. It had become so important on the European football scene that in the end it was taken over by UEFA and relaunched the following season as the UEFA Cup. In practice, each association has a standard number of three berths, except: Usually, each country's places are awarded to teams who finish in various runners-up places in its top-flight league and the winner of the main cup competition. Ver más que los horarios Siga a su equipo favorito y permanezca conectado para asegurarse de tener su calendario actualizado. From the 2004–05 season, the competition started with two knockout qualifying rounds held in July and August. The competition was traditionally a pure knockout tournament. The UEFA Cup finals were played over two legs until 1997. Three nations had four places, five nations had three places, thirteen nations had two places, and eleven nations only one place. Starting from the 2016–17 edition of the competition, UEFA introduced the UEFA Europa League Player of the Season award. In 2013, Chelsea would become the first Champions League holders to win the UEFA Cup/Europa League the following year. The era of 2000's begun with Galatasarays victory, the only Turkish team winning the trophy until that time. Calendario ufficiale e lista risultati UEFA Europa League. Sito Ufficiale Inter. Everything on Inter: the team, club, fixture lists, videos, news, interviews, results, league tables, tickets and club shop Open Menu Close Menu Close Menu The first-ever winner of the rebranded Europa League was Atlético Madrid, beating Premier League side Fulham 2–1 after extra time. Sevilla are also the reigning champions, having beaten Inter Milan 3–2 in the 2020 final. Reaching the knock-out stage triggers additional bonuses: €500,000 for the round of 32, €1,100,000 for the round of 16, €1,500,000 for the quarter-finals and €2,400,000 for the semi-finals. During the 1980s, IFK Göteborg (1982 and 1987) and Real Madrid (1985 and 1986) won the competition twice each, with Anderlecht reaching two consecutive finals, winning in 1983 and losing to Tottenham Hotspur in 1984. While the focus tends to be on the UCL in terms of hype and media coverage, the Europa League holds its own in popularity. Before the 2009–10 season, both the competition and the trophy were known as the 'UEFA Cup'. Gli ucraini hanno vinto l’Europa League nel 2009 ai danni del Werder Bream con il risultato di 2-1 e nel 2016 hanno raggiunto la semifinale, eliminati dal Siviglia. Individual clubs may wear jerseys with advertising, even if such sponsors conflict with those of the Europa League. [2][3] At the same time, the UEFA Intertoto Cup, UEFA's third-tier competition, was discontinued and merged into the new Europa League. Internazionale reached the final the following two years, losing in 1997 to Schalke 04 on penalties, and winning yet another all-Italian final in 1998, taking home the cup for the third time in only eight years. [1], Previously called the UEFA Cup, the competition has been known as the Europa League since the 2009–10 season,[2][3] following a change in format.[4]. Feyenoord won the cup in 1974 after defeating Tottenham Hotspur 4–2 on aggregate (2–2 in London, 2–0 in Rotterdam). The winner of the last UEFA Cup final (prior to the competition being rebranded as the UEFA Europa League) was Shakhtar Donetsk on 20 May 2009. [28] It will appear in the 2018–19 season for selected matches in the group stages and the round of 32. Generally, the higher an association is ranked in the UEFA coefficients, the later its clubs start in the qualification. The UEFA Cup was first played in the 1971–72 season, with an all-English final of Wolverhampton Wanderers against Tottenham Hotspur, with Spurs taking the first honours. The competition then progresses in much the same way as the previous format, with four rounds of two-legged knockout rounds and a one-off final held at a neutral ground that meets UEFA's Category Four stadium criteria. The top three teams in each of the eight groups qualified for the main knockout round along with the eight third-placed teams in the Champions League group phase. If the Champions League title holders or the Europa League title holders have qualified for the Europa League through domestic performance, their berth in the Europa League is vacated (not replaced by another team from the same association), and cup winners of the highest-ranked associations are moved to a later round accordingly. The UEFA Europa League is sponsored by five multinational corporations; the current tournament sponsors are: Molten is a secondary sponsor and supplies the official match ball. The sixteen non-qualifiers from the final qualifying round of the Champions League entered at the first round proper; later in the tournament, the survivors were joined by third-place finishers from the (first) group phase of the Champions League. The most successful club in the competition is Sevilla, with six titles. DÜSSELDORF, Germany (AP) — Romelu Lukaku scored one goal and set up another as Inter Milan defeated a tenacious Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 to reach the Europa League … In 1999, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was abolished and merged with the UEFA Cup. Usually, the other teams will be the next highest ranked clubs in each domestic league after those qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, but France and England will continue to use one spot for their league cup winners. Watch every single game live as Arsenal, Spurs, Leicester, Celtic and Rangers battle for Europa League honours. Clubs qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and cup competitions. [7] As of 2016–17, only Sevilla has earned the honour to wear the multiple-winner badge, having achieved both prerequired feats in 2016. [13] These rules came into effect for the 2015–16 season. The top three ranked associations may qualify for the fourth berth if both the Champions League and Europa League champions are from that association and do not qualify for European competition through their domestic performance. Winners of the qualifying rounds then joined teams from the associations ranked 1–13 in the first round proper. Prior to its discontinuation in 2020–21, France offered a place to the winners of the Coupe de la Ligue. Segui tutta l'Europa League su TuttoSport: le notizie, i risultati in tempo reale, il calendario, le classifiche e i sorteggi in diretta The UEFA Cup, also known as the Coupe UEFA, is the trophy awarded annually by UEFA to the football club that wins the UEFA Europa League. The draw for the UEFA Europa League round of 32 ©UEFA via Getty Images. Qualification has changed significantly. [29] Article body. Parma won the cup in 1999, which ended the Italian-domination era. Apart from the teams mentioned, all teams eliminated in the Champions League preliminary round, qualifying rounds and play-off round are transferred to the Europa League. 6 domestic cup winners from associations 50–55, 6 domestic league runners-up from associations 49–54, 4 domestic league third-placed teams from associations 48–51, 25 domestic cup winners from associations 25–49, 30 domestic league runners-up from associations 18–48 (except Liechtenstein), 31 domestic league third-placed teams from associations 16–47 (except Liechtenstein), 17 losers from Champions League first qualifying round, 3 losers from Champions League preliminary round, 7 domestic cup winners from associations 18–24, 3 domestic league third-placed teams from associations 13–15, 9 domestic league fourth-placed teams from associations 7–15, 2 domestic league fifth-placed teams from associations 5–6 (League Cup winners for France), 4 domestic league sixth-placed teams from associations 1–4 (League Cup winners for England), 10 winners from second qualifying round for champions, 10 losers from Champions League second qualifying round for champions, 6 domestic league third-placed teams from associations 7–12, 1 domestic league fourth-placed team from association 6, 37 winners from second qualifying round for non-champions, 3 losers from Champions League second qualifying round for non-champions, 10 winners from third qualifying round for champions, 6 losers from Champions League third qualifying round for champions, 26 winners from third qualifying round for non-champions, 1 domestic league fourth-placed team from association 5, 4 domestic league fifth-placed teams from associations 1–4, 6 losers from Champions League play-off round, 4 losers from Champions League third qualifying round for non-champions, 3 domestic cup winners from associations 13–15, 6 domestic cup winners from associations 7–12, 5 winners from third qualifying round for champions, 3 winners from third qualifying round for non-champions, 6 domestic cup winners from associations 1–6, 4 losers from Champions League play-off round for champions, 6 losers from Champions League third qualifying round and play-off round for non-champions, 8 winners from preliminary knockout round, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 09:49. A venue must meet or exceed UEFA Category three standards to host UEFA Cup finals. L’inter non ha mai vinto l’Europa League, ma la Coppa UEFA (storicamente prima si chiamava così) battendo la Lazio per 3-0, reti di Zamorano, Zanetti e Ronaldo. Risultati Europa League 2020/2021 su offre livescore, risultati, classifiche Europa League 2020/2021 e dettagli del match. Se resultater, kampprogram, statistik og topscorer fra kampe i turneringeren Europa League, International. The first leg between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur was won 2–1 by the away side. Furthermore, a club that wins three consecutive times or five times overall will receive a multiple-winner badge. The title has been won by 28 clubs, 13 of which have won it more than once. A full-size replica trophy is awarded to each winner of the competition. The losing finalists receive €4,500,000 and the champions receive €8,500,000.[21]. The year 1995 saw a third all-Italian final, with Parma proving their consistency, after two consecutive Cup Winners' Cup finals. The access list above is provisional, as changes will need to be made in the following cases: Beginning with the 2018–19 tournament, all domestic champions eliminated in the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Champions League will transfer to the Europa League, rather than just teams that are eliminated in the third-qualifying and play-off rounds. They added a further sixth victory in 2020, after defeating Inter Milan. In some cases where changes to the access list of the Champions League are made, the number of losers of the Champions League third qualifying round which are transferred to the Europa League is increased or decreased from the default number of 15, which means changes to the access list of the Europa League will also need to be made. Since 1999, a similar system has been used for the UEFA Champions League. Non solo calendario Segui il tuo club preferito e resta in contatto per assicurarti di essere aggiornato sul tuo calendario. 15.12.2020 13:30 - Inter, Eriksen apre al PSG: rifiutato il ritorno in Premier League ; 15.12.2020 10:15 - Inter, a gennaio si punta uno scambio tra top, un giovane e un sogno; 15.12.2020 09:51 - Inter Napoli, Conte rischia di arrivare al big match con 2 assenze importanti The second leg finished as a 1–1 draw, meaning that Tottenham Hotspur became the first UEFA Cup winners. [20], For the 2019–20 season, group stage participation in the Europa League awarded a base fee of €2,920,000. The first final was played on 3 May 1972 in Wolverhampton and 17 May 1972 in London. In 2014, the distribution was changed to broaden the appeal of the competition, namely through giving the Europa League champions a Champions League qualification berth, which has been used since. Starting with the 1997–98 season, the final became a one-off match, but all other ties remained two-legged. Formerly, the reigning champions qualified to defend their title, but since 2015 they qualify for the Champions League. All video notitle notitle UEFA Europa League. Da una parte l'Inter, vincendo anche a Udine, resta sulla scia della Juventus per quanto riguarda la lotta Scudetto. Europa League ⬢ Zwischenrunde ⬢ Ergebnisse, Spiele und Termine zum Spieltag ⬢ Alle Tabellen ⬢ Live-Ticker ⬢ Statistiken ⬢ News - kicker Upon their third consecutive win or fifth win overall, a club could retain the trophy permanently. Con La Gazzetta dello Sport, per te news, video e dettagli dei match. Europa League last 32 draw: British sides learn their fates, Hoddle - "Spurs can go all the way with Mourinho", Europa League last 32 draw: How to watch & who the British teams can face, "I take my hat off to the job Steven Gerrard has done", Sutton - Celtic's season has been a disaster despite Lille win, Highlights - Bayer Leverkusen 4-0 Slavia Prague, Europa League Matchday 6 - Highlights and reaction. Sevilla were crowned Europa League champions for a record-extending sixth time after a thrilling 3-2 victory over Inter Milan in Cologne. Either side of Sevilla's success, two Russian teams, CSKA Moscow in 2005 and Zenit Saint Petersburg in 2008, had their glory and yet another former Soviet club, Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk, won in 2009, the first Ukrainian side to do so. Gladbach would win the competition in 1975 and 1979, and reach the final again in 1980. Mitch Freeley. L'Inter è eliminata dall'Europa. Lista oficial de partidos y resultados de la UEFA Europa League. L’Inter batte lo Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 in semifinale di Europa League e conquista l’ultimo atto della competizione contro il Siviglia. The jury is composed of the coaches of the clubs which participate in the group stage of the competition, together with 55 journalists selected by the European Sports Media (ESM) group, one from each UEFA member association. With the abolition of the Intertoto Cup, all participants of the Europa League are qualified through domestic routes. UEFA coefficients were introduced in 1980 and, until 1999, they gave a greater number of berths in UEFA Cup to the more successful nations. Fra campionato e coppa. Europa League qualifying will also provide a separate champions route for these teams, allowing more opportunities for domestic league champions to compete against each other. [6] However, under the new regulations, the trophy remains in UEFA's keeping at all times. Unlike the Champions League group phase, the UEFA Cup group phase was played in a single round-robin format, with each club playing two home and two away games. [8], The trophy was designed and crafted by Bertoni for the 1972 UEFA Cup Final. [10], The competition's first anthem was composed by Yohann Zveig and recorded by the Paris Opera in early 2009. Annual association football club competition, "Europa League" redirects here. A team may qualify for European competitions through more than one route. In 2009–10 season, the competition was rebranded as the UEFA Europa League in a bid to increase the competition's profile. Celtic lead again! The winner of the UEFA Europa League qualifies for the UEFA Super Cup and, since the 2014–15 season, the following season's UEFA Champions League, entering at the group stage. In that case, the fourth-placed team in that association will join the Europa League instead of the Champions League, in addition to their other qualifying teams. Porto triumphed in the 2003 and 2011 tournaments, with the latter victory against fellow Portuguese side Braga. The 1990s started with two all-Italian finals, and in 1992, Torino lost the final to Ajax on the away goals rule. Inter Official Site. In addition, non-qualifiers in the third qualifying round of the Champions League also joined the competition at this point along with the current title-holders (unless they had qualified for the Champions League via their national league), for a total of 80 teams in the first round. Turnbull rewarded for a fine performance, Weah comes back to haunt Celtic with Lille equaliser, Ooh la la, yes please Max Beier! Spanish clubs have the highest number of victories (12 wins), followed by England and Italy (9 wins each). from Michael Inter … Tutto sull'Inter: squadra, società, calendario delle partite, video e news con interviste, risultati e classifiche, biglietti e shop Open Menu Close Menu Close Menu Inter on Facebook Qualification for the competition is based on UEFA coefficients, with better entrance rounds being offered to the more successful nations. [17], The announcement of the UEFA Europa Conference League, a tertiary competition which would serve to split off the lower-ranked teams in the Europa League to give them a greater chance to compete, included a document from UEFA listing their intentions for qualification to the Europa League from 2021 onwards. However, every team except for the title-holder (up to 2014–15 season) and the highest ranked teams (usually the cup winner and/or the best Europa League qualified team) from the top (six in 2012–15 seasons, 12 since 2015–16 season) associations had to play at least one qualification round. Also, each group winner earns €1,000,000 and each runner-up €500,000. Segui il livescore, i risultati, i sorteggi e le classifiche di Europa League. On two occasions, the final was played at a finalist's home ground: Feyenoord defeated Borussia Dortmund at De Kuip, Rotterdam, in 2002, and Sporting CP lost to CSKA Moscow at their own Estádio José Alvalade, Lisbon, in 2005. Esordisce così Luciano Spalletti nella conferenza stampa che precede la decisiva sfida di Europa League di San Siro con l'Eintracht. [11], A new anthem created by MassiveMusic was composed for the start of the 2018–19 season.[12]. The one-match finals in pre-selected venues were introduced in 1998. More recently, clubs that are knocked out of the qualifying round and the group stage of the Champions League can also join the UEFA Europa League, at different stages (see below). All ties were two-legged, including the final. If a team qualifies for European competition through both winning a cup and league placing, the "spare" UEFA Europa League place will go to the highest placed league team which has not already qualified for European competition, depending on the rules of the national association, or vacated, if the described limit is reached. The final is played in May, on the Wednesday ten days before the Champions League final. Clubs qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and cup competitions. How far can they go? How far can they go? The year 1989 saw the commencement of the Italian clubs' domination, when Diego Maradona's Napoli defeated VfB Stuttgart. The Ukrainian team beat Werder Bremen of Germany 2–1 at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, Istanbul. [19] There would also be an additional knockout round before the knockout phase proper, allowing for third-placed teams in the Champions League group stage to fall into the Europa League while still keeping the knockout stage itself at only 16 teams total. Buy Monthly Pass. However, only one sponsorship is permitted per jersey unless it is a non-profit sponsor (plus that of the manufacturer), and if clubs play a match in a country where the relevant sponsorship category is restricted (such as alcohol in the case of France), then they must remove that logo from their jerseys. A number of countries have secondary cup competitions, but only the winners of England's EFL Cup are currently granted a UEFA Europa League place. Kick-off Times; Kick-off times are converted to your local PC time. Atlético Madrid would themselves win twice in three seasons, in 2010 and 2012, the latter in another all-Spanish final between them and Athletic Bilbao. Sevilla Vs Inter Milan - Live Stream . Ajax also reached the UCL semis 2 years after losing the Europa League to Man United. Dopo aver salutato la Champions League, l'Inter è pronta a iniziare un nuovo percorso in Europa League. The UEFA Europa League (abbreviated as UEL) is an annual football club competition organised by UEFA since 1971 for eligible European football clubs. Book your seat today, contract-free, for just £25. Since the inception of Europa League brand, the tournament has used its own hoardings (in that year it debuted in the round of 32) like UEFA Champions League. In addition, three places in the first qualifying round were reserved for the UEFA Fair Play ranking winners (until 2015–16), and eleven places in the second qualifying round for the UEFA Intertoto Cup winners.

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